Twinkles pre-school dance

A progression from Tutu tots for children 3yrs+ who are ready to dance without parental support.

First steps are learned through imagination and rhyme at this gentle ballet based class.

 Led by experienced, professional instructors where so much more than dance is taught.

Fees are in blocks of 10 weeks but mid term new starts are always welcome .

Pink leotard and ballet shoes required, we provide a tutu.

Boys - shorts & T-shirt ballet shoes

£50 per 10 week term

Tues.   10.00-10.30 **N.B this class is held at the same time as adult Fitsteps so you can workout while your child dances !

Thurs   3.45-4.15 (full, waiting list available )

Sat       9.00-9.30.      or     9.30-10.00

Little Stars Junior Dance Programme

Where every star has the chance to shine !

At Waterfront Dance children from P1 are Little Stars in a fantastic combo class including

ballet and upbeat dance styles.

Lots of fun and a great way to make new friends, these creative classes are led by experienced, qualified teachers to ensure your child starts their dancing journey on the right foot !

Annual class medal awards ensure progression and encourage self improvement.

Little Stars 1 (P1+). £55 per 10 week term

 Weds 3.45-4.30.      . Fri 1.45-2.30.            Sat 10.00-10.45(full)

Little Stars 2 £60 per 10 week term

 Fri 2.30-3.30.       Sat 10.45-11.45

Trickstars (Acro) is also offered as a separate class for kids with loads of energy who want to start 

 tumbling and flexibility skills.We highly recommend that Trickstars be taken in addition to a dance class.

Trickstars (P1+) Saturday 12.00-12.45.   £55 per 10 week term, duo class discount 

Little stars classes are offered in terms of 10 weeks which must be pre-booked.

New pupils take their first class as a free trial

Uniform required

Boyz Danz P1-4

Boys are of course welcome at all our classes but we understand that all those  girls can be a challenge !

Here's a class just for the guys to explore dance and creative movement with their peers. 

It is hoped that as they progress the boys will feel confident to join our Level 1-4 classes

Thursday 4.15-5.00, £55 per 10 week term

Classes are offered in 10 week terms , places must be booked.

No uniform required, just shorts/ t-shirt /bare feet